The Cobra has a black and tan body, with no legs, or arms. The Cobra's tongue is also sticking out of its mouth.

Food Source / Growth Time

The Cobra's food source is Head Fruit , which is located in the Lion Den in the Plains. The Head Fruit can be purchased for 500 coins in the Plains shop, and the seeds are 1000 coins. Head Fruit takes 30 minutes to fully grow.

Tier and Abilities

The Cobra is a Tier 2 pet with the following abilities: Smash , and Climb .


The Cobra can be purchased in the Desert Shop for 250 tickets , can be traded, can be obtained from flying over from the big mountain in the Desertto the tall island, and can be caught from throwing nets at it.

Cage Quest

You can obtain a free cobra egg using a level 7 animal that can fly. Once you get to the island in the background drop down in the hole. Inside, there are a number of gold and ruby nodes. There will also be a cobra egg to collect.