Fun Fact, Jellyfishes are the Second Pet in the game to have 4 Abilities!


The Jellyfish has a yellow and orange body, with 5 tentacles, 4 being transparent except for the front one. They have oval eyes, a slightly translucent top, and 4 bright yellow fins on each tentacle.

Food Source / Growth Time

The Jellyfish's food source is Glow Grass, which can be found at the Underwater Biome near the Plains. Glow Grass takes approximately 12 hours to grow.

Tier and Abilities

The Jellyfish is a Tier 4 Pet with the following abilities: Smash, Climb, Temperate and Dive.


The Jellyfish can be obtained by opening the Temperate wall at the Underwater Biome near the Plains. Super Nets will be needed.