Shops are the place where you can buy seeds,food,teleports,premium items,and nets,there are many shops such as:jungle shop,plains shop,island shop,ice island shop,cherry bomb shop,volcano shop,candy island shop,and more!

Jungle Shop

Jungle shop:its in the jungle near the volcano.In the food stand it has:bamboo chute,coconut,and water.the seeds stand has bamboo chute seeds,coconut seeds,and honeycone seeds.

Desert shop

Desert shop:it is in the food stand it has:cactus the seeds it has:fly seed,head fruit seed,and cactus fruit seed.

Plains shop

Plains shop:its in plains.In pet foods there is:leaves,and seeds there is:fly seed,head fruit seed,leaf seed,and paper seeds.

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Island shop:Its at the island near the path to the food shop there is:water,coconut,and the seed shop there is coconut seeds.

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ice island shop:the shop is in ice island and you need the ice key to get to the shop.there isn't really a shop but its a shop that is mixed into one the shop there is:fish,fish seed,and paper.

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cherry bomb shop:it is near pyramid and you need a level 25 pet that has the ability climb to get the shop there is:cherry bombs,and cherry bomb seeds.

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volcano shop:you would need the volcano key to get to this the shop there is charcoal and charcoal seeds.

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candy island shop:you would need the candy key to get in this this shop there is carrot seeds.

there is many more shops and im going to put lots of images of them all!When future updates come more comes to this page!

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Plains shop:the plains shop is in plains.